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Holding on to summer with tropical Bright Wedding Style Inspiration

The summer is officially coming to an end! Although part of me is looking forward to the gorgeous colours and events of autumn, a part of me is sad (I’m a sunshine lover and I’m secretly very jealous of my brother who enjoys sunshine year round having emigrated to Oz years ago). To hold on to the summer a very tiny bit longer, today I’m bringing some tropical bright wedding inspiration. I’m placing bets on bold brights and tropical nods being a big trend next year – we’ve already started to see it coming through. Last year we saw a lot of the blush, this year has been packed full of gorgeous greenery, acrylic and metallic and now it’s time for something bold, carefree, FUN (let’s face it the world has been a very strange place over the past 12 months and it’s about time we all injected a little bit of ‘let your hair down’ into things).


So what do I mean by bright and bold? I mean not being scared with colour! Think oranges, flamingo pinks, aqua, sunshine yellow and think mixing it all up, testing the ‘rules.’ It’s about blending the bold and beautiful and not being scared about it. Go a little wild…


Food trucks are still a popular choice, especially for late night snacks and midnight munchies! Why not spice up the standard pizza van, with something like this Taco Truck from the very lovely Henning. Available in and around London and surrounding areas and with gorgeous fillings like chorizo and pinto beans or refried black beans and smoked Chipotle chillies, I can personally vouch for! YUMMY!

And let’s not forget about the drinks. Signature wedding drinks or cocktails are another trend here to stay and why not spice this up a little with something like this pineapple ginger Mojito or, for the non drinkers, I love the idea of kilners of pineapple infused water and how about refreshing pops of watermelon as a thought?


I couldn’t write about food without talking about the cake! Pineapple, coconut and banana are surely a match made in heaven and I LOVE this tropical take on a naked wedding cake, not only does it look amazing but I am sure it tastes equally wonderful.


I personally love the resurgence of a passion for all things British when it comes to floral trends BUT… there’s also something to be said for injecting a bit of the exotic. I love this tropical backdrop or this tropical Fuchsia wedding arch.

And there are so many ways to add brights aside from just the flowers. My next wedding (next weekend) is at the very special, Asylum chapel in London – I very stunning venue in its own right – but I completely adore how this couple added a bit of sunshine with bold, bright balloons and even freestanding flamingos!!


With a tropical wedding theme there is so much scope for fun styling touches. I’m planning one next year where we plan on having blow up flamingos as part of the pool party. At one wedding across this summer, the couple, although British, both work and live in Peru so they incorporated a piñata post dinner and a Pisco Sour instead of Prosecco, what a refreshing change?


And let’s not forget about the all-important entertainment. I’ve a couple getting married next year in Oxfordshire and they have Caribbean heritage and have booked a steel band! I cannot wait (oh and for the rice and peas as part of the wedding breakfast.

You don’t have to be from somewhere tropical to make this your wedding theme. Perhaps you met abroad or spent a special holiday away? Maybe you got engaged on a beach? Whatever the reason, with your wedding day supposed to be your most special day to date, why not make it FUN?


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