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This service is for clients who want to entrust the experts.  Full planning is our complete wedding service, beginning from the moment you book - typically 8 to 12 months out - to the end of your celebrations.

Full planning encompasses every aspect of the design, planning and production.  As your event planners, we work with you giving you as much or as little input as you desire.  For some, this means complete delegation.  For most, we work in collaboration, ensuring you have the visibility to feel in complete control, but never too much that you feel overwhelmed.  


The absolute specifics of full planning will vary depending on your requirements, but this service will always be complete management of the entire wedding creation and event. This will include and is not limited to:

Event design and style 
Sourcing and managing your unique supplier team
Full budget management 
Venue management 
Guest management 


Our fee is a percentage of your wedding budget. A minimum fee applies.

Please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation 

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