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Hello, I'm Jenna, and since 2015 I've been producing incredible celebrations for stylish, fun loving couples. With experience spanning over 20 years,  event planning is, and always will be, in my soul.


As passionate about design as I am about the planning, I'm a visual, creative thinker who gets things done efficiently and to an exceptional standard but with a large dose of compassion and fun.  My profession is events but people are at the heart of what I do and I see it as my skill to carefully unpick what it is you want to create and make it happen - only better than you could ever have imagined.


You will find my style calm, balanced and my advice honest, with integrity underpinning everything.  I always invest the time to understand you and treat every wedding, every event, with the same passion and care as if I were planning my own.

To give you a feel for working with me here are kind words from previous clients...


"No one tells you how much detail there is and how much work behind the scenes to make the day itself run smoothly and efficiently. The day you recognise this is the day you give thanks for Jenna. Cool, calm and charming, she takes everything upon her shoulders without fuss or drama. Whatever you need will happen. It will arrive. It will be beautiful, stylish, exactly what you imagined only better. At that moment you know you could not have done it without her. If you get the chance to work with her, seize that chance"

“Warm, creative and unflappable.”


“Working with you is effortless and great fun.”


“Highly recommend, in fact, she is the only choice.”



Please contact us to book a consultation with Jenna



Jenna, there are no words.  This was the most insanely incredible epic weekend of our lives.  We are so grateful for everything you did, not only to make it happen but how seamless and incredibly beautiful it all was.  To anyone looking for a wedding planner, you would be quite simply insane not to hire Jenna

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