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We love planning parties! Whilst the concept of hiring a wedding planner is a fairly established one, people often overlook hiring a party planner, opting instead to take on the task themselves. How hard can it be to plan your own party, especially a smaller event? The answer? It's often far more stressful, complicated and involved than you can imagine and most of the clients who come to us, having tried, realise they simply don't have the capacity to do their event justice.

Hiring an event planner will save you time and sanity. These are always the top two reasons that win out. Managing RSVPs (including the various dietary requests and questions - guests ask a lot of questions), putting together seating plans, deciding on decor, hiring in tableware and glassware, finding a caterer, working out drinks quantitates, setting up linen and place settings, finding the entertainment, liaising with suppliers on set up timings and the clear up... these all take time and it's time most people can't easily find without losing a little slice of their sanity along the way. Your immediate family will thank you!

There are lots of elements to planning a party that you won't have thought about, trust us. Years of experience means we know how to plan an event from every angle. Where will the band set up that has access to power and which space can they use to store instrument cases? What time should they arrive to sound check and set up and how long should this take? What is the wet weather plan? Where can the caterers base themselves to cook and prepare but also to clear down dirty plates and glassware? When can the florist get access to deliver and/or set up arrangements? How will you ensure all the drinks will be chilled, do you need to hire in a fridge and how much should you allow for in terms of drinks per head? Where will guests park and do you need to think about lighting walkways outside for late night departures? Who will manage the set up of the tables, storage of any furniture not needed and do you have a cloakroom/rail for guests to use? These are just some of the questions relevant even to the smaller events that we plan. You can imagine the list gets much longer once you get into the realm of the at home marquee party! We are here to handle the things that you need to think about but possibly won't have!

The other benefit of hiring a planner is that it will have the wow factor that is difficult to achieve alone. From a cohesive look and style through to a slick service - where everything runs seamlessley. We are here to make sure that you and your guests have the best experience. If you are going to the effort and cost of throwing a party, you want to ensure that you enjoy it and that means you need to be able to relax!

Big, small or somewhere in the middle, we plan lots of parties. Based near Richmond Upon Thames, we cover Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, London and across the UK!

Image credit to Angela Ward Brown from a lovely Havana Nights celebration we planned.


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