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Even though it feels like Christmas was only five minutes ago, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. As celebrations go, it’s a bit like marmite, but personally I love an excuse for some good, old-fashioned romance! Step away from the candy hearts – here’s how to inject some modern Valentine’s flavour into your wedding.


Valentine’s Day conjures up images of bright pinks and reds, which can quickly veer into tacky territory if you’re not careful. However, when used sparingly, deep crimson, bright fuschia or (dare I say it) ultraviolet can make a stunning statement. I'd work with a plainer base palette and include little pops of rich colour and metallic accents for a lift. The overall feel is one of sumptuous elegance and I love it!

Wedding tablescape

valentines wedding table inspiration


… but they’re also dramatic and classic. Incorporating this emblem of romance into your bouquet is a winner no matter what the season. From rich, velvety red, to the faintest blush pink or creamy white, roses are a classic for a reason. Combine them with something really quite different for a modern twist.

valentines bouquet with roses

modern wedding bouquet with roses


You can’t take inspiration from Valentine’s day without including a heart or two. This quintessential symbol of Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be overly cutesy however – I’m a big fan of this seating plan where heart shape meets the trend for all things geometric.

heart shaped geometric wedding table plan

And for all you oenophiles out there, this ombre cork heart is a must. Save up a range of stains and colours, and remember the bottles they came from – it’s a décor item full of delicious foodie memories.

wedding decor


Valentine’s Day is all about treating yourself and I couldn't write this post without a mention of cake! What better excuse to unleash the chocoholic within? Think lavish chocolate buttercream, dessert tables groaning with truffles and every imaginable sweet treat piled high. This is not the time for a less is more mentality.

chocolate wedding cake

Don’t let your drinks miss out on a cheeky Valentine twist. For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@weddingsbyjennahewitt) you'll be familiar with my Friday Potion post and my penchant for drinks containing champagne. Now, usually, candyfloss is a bit much for me, but mix it with champagne? I am very on board! These candyfloss champagne cocktails are classy with a hint of fun.

valentines wedding cocktail


This is what it’s all about, and let’s face it, a wedding day bursting at the seams with romance isn’t limited to Valentine’s Day. More and more couples are tailoring every aspect of their wedding to reflect their own personal love story, and for me that starts with the ceremony. Humanist celebrants write totally bespoke marriage blessings that are unique to you, allowing you to include snippets of your life together, silly stories and favourite memories into the ceremony itself.

celebrant wedding ceremony

Or why not incorporate some words of love into your décor? You could choose lyrics from your favourite song, or a verse from a poem that gives you goosebumps. From hand lettered calligraphy to super-modern acrylics, these ceremony backdrops make a beautiful and seriously romantic statement.

wedding backdrop

ceremony backdrop

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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