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The Tree Marquee - A Unique New Wedding Venue Concept

unique wooden timber luxury marquee

When you live and breathe weddings and wedding planning, it takes something really quite unique and exceptional to grab my attention. So when Rob, of The Tree Marquee, emailed at the end of the summer to introduce me to his new marquee concept, I really did sit up in my chair. Shortly after, I picked up the phone to say hi! Turns out that on top of being a really lovely guy, Rob has a wonderful, exciting new concept when it comes to the world of luxury wedding marquees. Introducing The Tree Marquee; a timber frame marquee which is, quite simply, stunning. In fact, if you are looking to make your wedding day truly stand apart, this ticks all the boxes - it's the only marquee of it’s kind in the world. Fact.

It is no secret that I love a marquee wedding, I feel all "at home" when I am planning one. The thing I really love about them is the scope to create something bespoke from a blank canvas (quite literally). Marquees also come is various permutations, of style, shape and size so there are lots to choose from. So what makes Tree Marquee so special? What I love is that Rob has taken my favourite element of a marquee wedding and made it even better. You see, typically, a marquee is a blank canvas, ready to be made more beautiful by the decoration of your dreams. The thing about the Tree Marquee, with its exposed timber, is that it is already beautiful in it's own right, without any of the bells and whistles. It is a statement piece in its own right, your very own Scandi, log cabin-esque wedding venue (and imagine what you can do with that as a base...)

I asked the experts, Rob and his other half, Mia to tell me a little more about it - starting with the idea.


Rob was born and bred in Cornwall, the West Country of the UK. He developed a passion for carpentry through his love of all things outdoors and began with renovating old buildings. In fact he even built his own (off grid) home made out of old shipping containers and this is where he and Mia currently live. Just over two years ago, the idea of The Tree Marquee came about. Rob’s workshop is based on a farm that sits beside a lake. This lake plays host as a beautiful wedding venue. After seeing the range of marquee structures that were used across the wedding season, the nugget of an idea came about. Rob thought he could do something better, different, unique. So he set about building it.


It's the timber frame that's at the heart of what makes this marquee exquisite, as well as totally one of a kind and, with sustainability being really important to Rob, the entire structure is made using sustainably sourced materials. The timber frame is made from FSC-certified Douglas fir, all of which has been grown, harvested and felled in the UK. And in the spirit of sustainability, not a scrap of it has been wasted, with any offcuts or excess materials used in other projects ranging from a shepherd’s hut to a desk for Rob’s dad and even a skateboard rack!


Now I am not going to lie, due to the very nature of the structure and materials, this marquee will take a little longer than your pole or metal frame marquee to put up (although not much longer at all and the best things do take time, luxury doesn't come quickly). The beauty of The Tree Marquee, however, is the flexibility of the size/space. The structure is modular, and it comes in four sizes: small medium, large and extra large. Now, every wedding is different in terms of layout requirements but, as a guide, the extra large marquee can comfortably seat 350 with a bar, dining area, stage, chill-out area and dance floor.


Whilst The Tree Marquee is based in the UK, Rob and Mia with travel anywhere within the UK or, even, mainland Europe. Yes, travelling outside of the UK will incur extra travel and transport costs but this couple don't say no to anything (within reason!).


The really extra special part about this whole piece is that The Tree Marquee is still in its first year. It has featured as the central hub of the RHS Malvern Spring Festival and played host to its first wedding in June 2018 but it is still really shiny new and unique. In fact Rob and Mia have inspired my own business goal for 2019 - to plan a wedding in this beautiful space. Interested? You should be :)

Jenna x


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