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Intimate Weddings

Small wedding set up with overhead florals

​Today I want to talk about intimate weddings. We are living in a world where many of you will have had to make changes to your wedding plans. For some, anything other than the 100+ guest wedding is an inconceivable option but, I was struck the other day by a conversation that inspired me to write this post about the small, intimate wedding. The story goes a little like this (and it is a true one...). A bride to be had been planning her large jewish London wedding when, the rug got pulled from under her feet with the realisation that anything other than 30 attendees would not be possible. She was devastated but (reluctantly) scaled back the celebrations and the guest list to just her nearest and dearest. The wedding went ahead. The details were still meticulously put together by an incredible team, the chuppah was every bit as stunning. At the end of the night, the bride walked by one of the suppliers still working to close the evening. The bride stopped and said "you know what? My wedding was amazing, it was everything I had wanted and more". This struck a huge chord with me. It was a reframe moment in my mind that I wanted to share with you.

contemporary elegant September wedding

wedding place setting with rose gold

I typically work with my clients to plan multiple day, large guest number weddings and events but the small wedding is every bit as worthy of a planner as the large one. The attention to detail, the curation of the style and the putting together of a celebration that flows - this all involves the same skill and passion. Arguably smaller can be better: a focus on the quality over the quantity; an opportunity to share the moment with those closest to you both; a chance to really experience the whole event, to spend time with each of your guests. There will be a time for the larger celebration at a later date, the 'afterparty' (if you like...).

luxury wedding place setting with calligraphy table names
Wedding table inspiration

If you're mulling over your options, if you want some help, if you want to talk to someone who can help you work through the choices, please get in touch. With a bank of trusted suppliers, a host of experience and a huge passion for what I do I can help you navigate what can be somewhat stressful.

Have a lovely day!

Jenna x

Jenna Hewitt Wedding planner

Jenna Hewitt luxury wedding planner

luxury wedding planner, Jenna Hewitt

Wedding Design Details

Photography credits and thanks to: Joe Short, Julie Michaelsen, M&J Photography

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