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Wedding Ghost Chairs

When you first embark on your wedding planning, it’s likely that the seating isn’t one of the first things you’ll think about. However, while this element of your day might not be top of your ‘pretty things’ list, the chairs you choose will have a huge impact on the look of your dining room or ceremony space. There are likely to be dozens and possibly hundreds of them, after all, and they really draw the eye - I am a HUGE fan of chair style. There used to be a time (a very sad one) when couples were limited to a very small selection of chair styles - hire companies just simply didn’t stock them. And don’t get me started on spandex chair covers (if you could see me as I type you would see me shudder at this thought…). Thankfully this is all changing with lots of options now available. So much so that I urge you to consider the wonderful array of styles out there and not to leave your seating as an afterthought.

There are some wonderfully modern, stylish chair options out there but, even despite this, you’re most likely to see the chiavari chair being offered as standard at venues. This design is the typical ‘wedding chair’, available in a host of colours.

Chivari Wedding Chair

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a classic choice, and it can look very elegant in a formal, ballroom setting, but don’t feel like you have to settle for formal elegance, if what you’re looking for is something more design-led and modern.

Here are my five favourite seating styles around at the moment. Which do you like best?


Acrylic decor elements are on the rise, from signage to seating. These transparent chairs strike the perfect balance between modern statement and unobtrusive styling, and work just as well in an urban warehouse setting as a luxurious country house. The great thing about a ghost chair is that you can find it in a number of different designs. Wedhead are one supplier who offer a range of styles - from what I would call your most popular standard style ghost (contemporary). Through to their much more elegant Louis and French styles (take a look…)

Ghost wedding chairs


Possibly my favourite style, this chair is actually a mix of three iconic 20th century designs. It’s stylish and different, and with its curved back and arms it’s comfy, too. I love how the architectural lines of this chair are at once dainty and strong, and it looks seriously smart whether in ceremony rows, or laid out at round or trestle tables - Oh and it’s also available in a variety of colours (another mention for Wedhead who do a pink and a grey as well as white…)

Masters Chair for Wedding

White Masters Chair

Ghost Masters Chair


Gutsy and bold, these metallic, industrial chairs make for a lovely contrast with delicate florals and fabrics. The sturdy bar down the back is perfect for adornment, whether tendrils of foliage, personalised signs or posies of flowers. I love seeing these in more rustic settings, they add a slightly gritty, modern edge.

Gold Tolix Chair

Black Tolix Chair


Usually in oak, these simple, gorgeous chairs are an easy way of adding warm tones to your ceremony space or dining room. Paired with the current trend for greenery and dark, wild foliage, it’s a gorgeously refined-yet-relaxed look.


These bistro-style folding chairs are simple and laid-back but effective, and work beautifully outdoors. They’re an easy way to add a touch of Parisian chic to your wedding (although if guests are seated for a long period of time, you may want to consider a seat pad!)

There you have it - don’t ignore the chair style! With so many amazing options out there, you can make a real style statement with your chair choice.

Bistro Chair

White Bistro Chair

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