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style your perfect wedding table

Wedding Table Copper Theme

If you’re planning a wedding this year and styling it yourself, one of the things you’ll be thinking about is how to style your tables. Wedding table style is a major part of the impact created by your wedding reception and it’s something I love to place a good deal of focus on when working with couples. I thought it might be a little bit helpful to share my ideas on what makes a perfect wedding table.

The first thought is that there are no hard and fast rules to creating the perfect wedding table! For anyone familiar with my blog posts you’ll know I’m less about tradition and more about creating something with style that reflects and works for you. Anything goes. There are, however, a handful of elements that make up your table style to think through as you’re forming ideas. This is a kind of mental checklist. The first and obvious one is the colour palette. If you’re working the table styling, the chances are you’ve already got this in hand. I’m not going to dwell on it any further than to say – keep it in mind, share it with you core suppliers (florist is always a must) and have it top of mind throughout the process.


Any good table with good style will have some form of centrepiece or focal point. Typically these tend to be based around the florals but within that there are so many different options to consider; long low arrangements that run the length of the table; a number of small assorted arrangements of different heights and textures; suspended arrangements that hang over the table or perhaps one main focal piece. Another good way of adding some interest and ambiance is to think about using candles, there are an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colours available as well as interesting holders to suit your style (although the planner head on me always puts out a warning here to check the naked flame policy at your chosen venue first!).

Blue and White Wedding Styling

Greenery Wedding Table

Linen can make a big difference to any wedding style. Some table styles actually lend themselves to not using linen at all – gorgeous exposed wood as an example. Or you might want to soften the look of a “naked” table with a soft runner, Kate Cullen has some gorgeous silks and cottons worth looking into. For one wedding I’m styling this year I found some amazing lace runners via H&M home that suited perfectly. If you are using trestle tables, you’ll want to cover those up! Again there are some amazing linen hire companies who can source pretty much any fabric and shade you’re after. A word of advice is make sure you get the right length drop to cover those pesky (and ugly) legs (the table legs… not your own!!).

Jenna Hewitt Wedding Styling

Don’t forget about the all important chair! With so many amazing hire companies out there, gone are the days where you had to accept a venue’s own chairs (or tables for that matter) or settle on a limewash chiavari. There’s nothing wrong with this of course but don’t feel limited. If you’re based anywhere near London, Wedhead are definitely worth a look. And then don’t forget about chair decor (NO I do not mean chiffon chair sashes), I’m talking chic florals and simple drapes. The options are endless.

Wedding Table With Silk Runner

Yellow Wedding Table

Chair Drape

The place setting can be a complicated little thing and can be influenced by your menu choices but they re typically made up of your dinnerware, cutlery choice and glassware. Then there are a couple of things you may or may not chose to include in the styling – napkins, place names, charger plates and menu cards as an example. Again, don’t feel the need to stick to venue’s own. There’s a huge trend right now for rose gold, gold and copper cutlery for example and plenty of hire companies offering various options. The same with glassware – how about a coloured water glass to match your styling? I’d advise taking a look on Pinterest or, as a starter, through the images below, to get a feel for what you like. Again, a lot of it will be dependent of the whole look and feel you are going after – simple and chic will suit a more minimal style for example.

Wedding Place Setting

Wedding Place Setting in White

Wedding Table

Wedding Place Setting

Now I’ve written a whole other blog post on the topic of favours here! The long and short of it is, in my opinion, a favour can be a lovely thing to offer guests and a great addition to the table styling but, I’d advise on something consumable (perhaps because most of my clients are like me and love their food/drinks but also because there is less chance they’ll get lost/left behind).

And there you have it. A mini checklist of table styling and huge thanks to all the image credits for some wonderful inspiration.

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