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winter weddings are wonderful

Winter Wedding Tablescape

Despite being in denial for as long as I could, it seems the Christmas countdown (well the marketing of it in any case) is upon us. As Autumn fades I find myself thinking about the winter and what better to daydream about than a winter wedding? I have always been drawn by the idea of a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

For me a winter wedding holds some kind of fairytale allure...

I'm talking about being tucked up inside whilst its crisp and cold outside, frost & snowflakes, twinkling lights, real log fires, glitter and sparkle. I imagine a very different type of wedding dress, perhaps a stole, some lace up ankle boots, maybe even a velvet cape of 'veil'. There is so much more scope for originality, a chance to be different, mostly because you will be. Fewer weddings take place in the UK in the winter.

Winter Wedding Chair Decor

Then there are the practical elements...

If you get married in a 'quiet' month chances are you can get yourself much better value for money. venues are likely to be more readily available and they may be able to be more flexible (some hotels, for example, will offer exclusive hire in the winter, something they aren't able to offer in the more popular months). Then there is the weather! Generally people get married in the spring or summer because they want to enjoy being outside but anyone living in our glorious country will know that the weather in these months can be anything but so you need a wet weather alternative. Not only dies this add additional planning but potentially cost it can also really dampen the spirits of the bride to be to wake up on her wedding day in July to torrential rain. The day before my own, August English wedding, there were flash floods. The rain was still going on the morning of the big day. I convinced myself it was good luck and secretly prayed for sunshine. We were really lucky because although I entered the church in rain, I left to glorious blue sky and sunshine that stayed for the remainder of the day and I have to be honest I was thankful for it! A winter wedding on the other hand doesn't need to bother as much about the elements in the same way as most of the day will be planned indoors.

Winter Wedding Footwear

Winter Wedding Dress

A winter wedding can also be a welcome event in a month that is normally a little dull.

The spring and summer months can be a busy affair for many - I recall one year attending so many weddings as a guest that I struggled to find a weekend free to do anything else. When weddings stack up this thick and fast you cannot help to compare. But, hold a wedding in a winter month and you have the chance to create something even more unique that people will really look forward to - a chance for people to beat the January blues for example. And a well times December wedding can be magical, capturing all the sparkle and energy of the festive period. I you could do it all again I would dare to be a bit different!

Image credits and thanks: Main image, Leo Patrone Photography; bouquet image, Jessica Williams Photography; Chair tied with ribbon, Laura Ashley; Lace up boots, Carmen and Ingo photography; Winter wedding dress, taken from shop


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