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relax, take a break, have fun...!

I love wedding planning, Its my job after all! And for me the build up, anticipation and fun to be had in the planning is one of the best bits.

Having said this I also see how easy it is for you lovely brides to get so swept up in the nitty gritty of planning, that you don't always take time out to enjoy it as much as you could.

Don't get me wrong, planning a wedding is time consuming and can be stressful, but it is also a once in a lifetime (you hope!) experience. Its a time when you will get to do things and have experiences you never will again. I had an idea to inspire anyone currently in the midst of wedding planning "arghhh" to stop and take time to revel in the whole experience. Thats why, back in April, I created a styled shoot with a difference. It was different in that it was also a macaron making workshop for 3 lovely brides to be. A whole afternoon of wedding planning inspiration, delicious food, fizz and a workshop to learn how to make macarons. We all had an absolutely fabulous time, from the wonderful and talented suppliers who make the whole thing happen, to the gorgeous brides to be.

Last month the piece was featured on The English Wedding Blog (thank you to the lovely Claire). You can read the full piece by clicking here. In the meantime, if you are in the final few weeks of planning your big day, remember to have fun and feast your eyes on some of these fabulous images to inspire you!

Huge thanks to all the suppliers who made this shoot happen.

Photography by AnnaMarie Stepney; Food by Two Many Cooks; hosted by Broadway Barn; Flowers by Rosie Orr; Stationery by Claudia Fumagalli; tableware by Crystal Hire; workshop ran by In Love with Macarons.


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