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It's Sunday. A day for rest, relaxing and indulging. Everyones allowed a treat on a Sunday, no? With that in mind, my thoughts turn to cake. Time to break from your wedding planning and check out that eye candy that are the fabulous creations of Cakes by Cliff.


I came across Cakes by Cliff via Instagram. In fact, it was via Instagram that Cliff started promoting his cake business. Based in Sydney, Australia, Cliff began by baking for family and friends and then, in 2015, Cakes by Cliff was born.

Sydney office worker by day and cake decorator by night, Cliff still runs his business alongside a full time job as a part time hobby. I have no idea where he finds the time (or energy for that matter!) but the results are simply stunning, not to mention mouth watering.


It is hard to believe that Cliff has no formal training in cake decorating. His background in architecture inspires his epic constructions. When he receives a brief for a wedding cake he sketches it first and uses architectural tools during the creative process.


The main thing that draws me personally to Cliff's cakes are the fact that, not only are they a work of art, but they look so irresistible. Often adorned with chocolate (and I'm talking big slabs of our favourite looking bars) and macarons they are perfect inspiration for a bit of Sunday evening indulgence! Its a shame he's based in Australia...or perhaps a blessing as far as my sugar intake is concerned!

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