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bring the outside into your venue

Grass Indoors at Wedding

I am always on the lookout for interesting suppliers and wedding ideas and today wanted to share with you a company I met last month. The company are called WowGrass and if you have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but don't want to risk the UK weather, they specialise in bringing a little piece of the outdoors inside. I met Wowgrass at a wedding event at the Dorchester in London where they were showcasing their product; real live fresh grass that is unique in that it is soil free. grown in Yorkshire on a special membrane, this grass comes without the mess of soil. It will not damage the existing floor or carpet and has the added benefit that, unlike on normal grass, your heels won't sink into it! Amongst their portfolio of venues are the Savoy, which they transformed for an event by Bruce Russell and York Minster. The impact is impressive. Take a look!

Images courtesy of WowgrassSaveSaveSave

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