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Are you planning your own wedding but finding yourself a little stuck? Are there elements where you just aren't confident in your choices, do you have questions you wish you had an expert on hand to answer? Are you doubting your styling choice or just want to run through and sense check with someone who does this for a living? I might just have the answer to save your stress levels! I have launched a wedding planning help service - a 3 hour Wedding Planning Power Session. My passion is wedding planning and I work with most clients on a full plan basis. I can only take on a limited number of full plan weddings a year (there is only 1 of me, only a set number of weekends and I want to ensure that each client gets the time and attention they deserve) but I am often approached to offer help and advice where brides and grooms don't want, need or have the investment for a full plan service but want an expert eye. With this new service I am aiming to save you time, sanity, costly errors and give you that metaphorical hand squeeze that if often needed at a certain point in the planning process.

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You decide the topics we cover and I tailor the session entirely for you. I'll ask you to bring a check list of planning details to the meeting and the rest is led by you, guided by me. Typical topics that you might find helpful to cover are:

  • wedding budget planning (and how much are things likely to cost)

  • wedding styling and how to put your styling together

  • working with your venue and how to chose your wedding venue

  • table planning and tools to help

  • supplier tips and advice (how to find your ideal supplier)

  • choosing your wedding entertainment

  • wedding day timings - how long to allow for each element

  • running of your wedding day

  • help navigating through supplier or venue problems

  • wedding catering and drinks

  • inside tips and tricks to help you plan more effectively

Of course there may be many other things aside from the above - that is the beauty of the session, they are designed around you and your wedding.

If you would like to enquire or book a session please contact me using my contact page in the main menu bar or, just drop me an email direct on

I look forward to hearing from you!


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