The Tree Marquee - A Unique New Wedding Venue Concept

When you live and breathe weddings and wedding planning, it takes something really quite unique and exceptional to grab my attention. So when Rob, of The Tree Marquee, emailed at the end of the summer to introduce me to his new marquee concept, I really did sit up in my chair. Shortly after, I picked up the phone to say hi! Turns out that on top of being a really lovely guy, Rob has a wonderful, exciting new concept when it comes to the world of luxury wedding marquees. Introducing The Tree Marquee; a timber frame marquee which is, quite simply, stunning. In fact, if you are looking to make your wedding day truly stand apart, this ticks all the boxes - it's the only marquee of it’s kind i


Last summer I underwent a complete rebrand of the Weddings by Jenna Hewitt business. Anyone who has started their own business or who works within the creative/marketing industries will know all about defining your “ideal client” and, with a decent dose of industry experience under my belt, I was pretty clear about the clients and the weddings that I love to work with and I wanted to make sure that I was appealing to and connecting with the right people. When you work with a bride (or groom) on a wedding, that relationship typically spans at least a year. It is in everyone’s interest that you get on, that you get one another – if I want to do an amazing job for my clients, I need to know

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