It is about this time of year, when the wedding season has calmed, that I start get my creative head back in the game and think about putting together a styled shoot. In the wedding world, a styled shoot gives us wedding professionals a chance to demonstrate exactly what it is we are about and what we love to do. As I’m sat here pondering the next one, I can’t help but think back to past shoots. Last year, along with a dream team of suppliers, I put together a shoot at Somerley House (on the Dorset/Hampshire borders). It’s been featured a few times now by wonderful blogs such as Coco Wedding Venues, The English Wedding Blog and BLoved (thank you all) and I thought it was about time to fe

Planning at Wedding At Home? What You Need to Know…

I often get asked for my favourite wedding venues. It’s a difficult one to answer but, if pushed, hands down, I would say that my favourite venues are when I am asked to plan a wedding at a private home. I’ve been fortunate to work on a number of “at home” weddings and they are, for me, amongst the most special. In all cases they’ve involved a marquee (there are few homes that can accommodate 150+ guests seated for dinner and then dancing) – another of my favourite ingredients to a wedding. But… they are not without their specific planning particulars. Opening up your home for 100+ people, not to mention the many suppliers involved in putting together an amazing wedding, can be quite dau

the cost of a marquee wedding

I love a marquee wedding; it’s somewhat of a speciality of mine, which is why I work with a lot of couples wanting a marquee for their special day. I’ve covered marquee weddings before on the journal (and you can read all about them here: (Different Types of Marquee and Planning a Marquee Wedding Reception) but one topic that I haven’t covered in full detail, and which always baffles clients to begin with, is the cost of the marquee wedding. So I’m unpicking this topic on the blog today. Don’t Underestimate The Cost of a Marquee This is the first myth to clear up. For some reason, couples often underestimate how much they think a marquee will cost and, at quote stage, are blown away by th

Wedding Styling, Our Approach to Putting Together Your Wedding Style

For me, there are two biggies of putting together an amazing wedding: perfect planning and stunning design. Let’s face it, a wedding celebration is an event and any event planner knows the importance of the plan (“fail to plan, plan to fail”…) but it’s also a unique celebration of you both as a couple, it needs to look and feel like you. In fact the term “wedding planner” kind of feels like a misnomer – it misses out that crucial word “design” or “styling.” With every single couple I work with, putting together the design is a HUGE, and sometimes overlooked, part of the service – so I thought I’d write a post on exactly what it means and what the Weddings by Jenna Hewitt approach involves

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