Wedding planning timelines; what to do when and where to start!

Once you’ve popped the corks, shared the news with friends and family, and got used to losing hours of your day staring at the very sparkly thing on your left hand, it’s time to start the business of actually planning your wedding. And at this point, lots of couples can feel the flickers of overwhelm creeping in. My advice at this point is to familiarise yourself with the most important wedding accessory of them all - not a veil or a pair of fabulous shoes, but a wedding planning timeline. THE ULTIMATE TO-DO LIST Yes, it may sound dull, but creating yourself a timeline document as early as possible into your wedding planning adventure is important. I guarantee you will walk down the aisle w

Creative Country House Venues

Finding the right venue for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions of the whole planning process. The spaces you choose to say your vows and party the night away set the tone for absolutely everything else. Your venue selection has an impact on the number of guests you’ll be sharing your day with; the overall ambience of your wedding (will it be classic and elegant, rustic and bohemian, sleek urban chic, or something in between?) right down to the tiniest of decor details and finishing touches. Needless to say, it’s important to pick the right one for you, and the day you’re dreaming of having. LAID-BACK LUXE Thankfully, there is an increasing number of truly stunning venues across the


Even though it feels like Christmas was only five minutes ago, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. As celebrations go, it’s a bit like marmite, but personally I love an excuse for some good, old-fashioned romance! Step away from the candy hearts – here’s how to inject some modern Valentine’s flavour into your wedding. COLOUR Valentine’s Day conjures up images of bright pinks and reds, which can quickly veer into tacky territory if you’re not careful. However, when used sparingly, deep crimson, bright fuschia or (dare I say it) ultraviolet can make a stunning statement. I'd work with a plainer base palette and include little pops of rich colour and metallic accents for a lift. The overall

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