style your perfect wedding table

If you’re planning a wedding this year and styling it yourself, one of the things you’ll be thinking about is how to style your tables. Wedding table style is a major part of the impact created by your wedding reception and it’s something I love to place a good deal of focus on when working with couples. I thought it might be a little bit helpful to share my ideas on what makes a perfect wedding table. The first thought is that there are no hard and fast rules to creating the perfect wedding table! For anyone familiar with my blog posts you’ll know I’m less about tradition and more about creating something with style that reflects and works for you. Anything goes. There are, however, a h

capturing wedding day memories

Your wedding day is geared up to be a memorable one! You’ll have spent hours (and hours) planning it and thinking through all the finer details. If you are currently midst planning you’ll no doubt have a photographer/videographer booked to capture the moments in images and film that you’ll look back on in years to come (and, if you are anything like me, think, “how young did we look?!”). Today, however, i’m inspired to write about other ways that you can capture your wedding day memories. Let me first be clear, I am not suggesting that you bin the photographic and/or film account of your wedding – to me these are a must – but I wanted to share some additional ideas. Across my time as

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